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Readers Respond: Do you use Print or Echo in your PHP scripts?

Responses: 74


For the most part Print and Echo do the same thing. Which do you choose to use in your PHP programs? Why is this your choice? Share your answers with our readers!


echo is a new function in other language so see php code and fast than print function, i can use echo
—Guest kunj bihari

using print, may change though

first learned for php coding print, however, looks to be echo is the best way to go.
—Guest johnny

Echo is best

Hm.... Echo is fast, simple, understandable, ( Echo means re-sound ), short and is used worldwide. So, I prefer "Echo". I use it too!
—Guest M.S.Rishikesh


Well I learned Echo first, so I just used it. That's truly the reason. Also in large files(4kb+) echo is just easier then print. So use: Instead of
—Guest Justinba1010

Echo Vs Print

Echo is the fast response, so i use echo and there is slight difference between echo and print about the speed of displaying the data.
—Guest Bharath


i want to become a programmer since i am doing computer science in my carrier please help me with guidline thanks very much for what you are doing
—Guest wenseslus

echo or print

i'm new in use of php ,echo means for me a fast response from php
—Guest djamel


echo is different from C and C++.Also it speeds the code.So i prefer to echo.
—Guest S.Karpagam devi


As u know echo statement is slight faster between print function. but echo take multiple argument b/w print.
—Guest Sujit Srivastava

Use Echo

Use echo because it's faster than print echo also sound cool..!!
—Guest Ameeto

echo is gud

using echo is much comfortable for me than print, and echo , it sounds good than print
—Guest chakravarthy


I use echo because my leader told me that it faster than print
—Guest Sawsan

echo all the way

i usually use echo with no reasons , but what i know that it's faster than print
—Guest loaa


I have always use Echo because echo is more powerful in php
—Guest bhupender kumar


To differentiate PHP and HTML.for begginners.it is easily understandable..
—Guest Mahesh.K

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