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PHP/MySQL: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Want to Redirect Your Website? Here's How to Do...
Sample code for creating a PHP redirection script to transfer users from one web page URL on your site to a new page URL or web site
How to Create Links in Your PHP Documents
Creating a link with PHP uses the same code as it dose in HTML, depending on where we are getting our information, and where in our file it is.
Working With PHP Inside HTML
How to embed php into HTML, or put HTML inside PHP so you can use both on the same page of your website.
How to Tell Which Version of PHP You Have
Do you need to check what version of PHP your server is running? This simple tutorial shows you how.
Understanding PHP Login Script
PHP code to create a login script - free code and tutorial to create a login script with PHP
How to Gather Information with Server User...
$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] is used to retrieve information about the users browser and computer operating system, using PHP. Learn how with our tutorial.
Uploading Files with PHP
Upload a file from your browser to your server using PHP in this step-by-step tutorial.
An Easy Guide to Using Functions That Read and...
How to open an external file with PHP and download its contents to use within your PHP file.
Hello, World!
How to write a. PHP/MySQL.
What's the Difference Between a Cookie and a...
What is the difference between sessions and cookies in PHP?
How to Execute PHP from an .html File
This tutorial explains how to execute php code in a file with a .html extention
How to Create a Simple Search Form with PHP...
This free tutorial teaches you how to search your site using php and mysql to give the site users instant search results. PHP and SQL.
How to Create a Countdown Timer for Website...
Create a simple countdown clock ticker in PHP using the mktime function.
How and Why to Comment Your PHP Code
How and why to comment your code in PHP
The Starting Steps to Learning PHP
Learn PHP programing free with our easy to understand online tutorials. Learn to make a website using PHP code online.
How to Build a Very Simple PHP Calendar
Learn how to generate a simple PHP calendar using our PHP calendar tutorial.
What is PHP Used For?
What is PHP Used For? Answers to this new programmer question.
Can You Read and Write in Binary?
What are binary numbers, and how do you read them
Need to Turn on PHP Error Reporting? Here's How
It is a lot easier to know what went wrong with your PHP script if you have a helpful error message instead of just a blank screen. This tutorial teaches you how to turn on error reporting.
10 Things Every Web Developer Should Be Doing...
Ten cool things you can do with PHP on your website, as well as tutorials of how to create these things.
How to Use the Print_r () PHP Function
Print_R is used to return an array in a human readable form in PHP
How to Quickly Setup 'phpBB' on Your Website
How to install a phpBB web forum on your website - a tutorial for beginners
Saving User Uploads to MySQL
Upload a file from your website to your server, and write it's details to a MySQL database - Using PHP and SQL.
Installing MySQL on a Mac
How to install MySQL on your Apple computer
How to Create and Save PHP in Notepad
How to use Notepad to create and save PHP files
A Beginner's Guide to Learning PHP
Learn PHP from a simple web based tutorial. Explore basic PHP syntax, using variables, operators and operands, and the use of conditional statements.
A Beginner's Guide to PHP and MySQL
This site explains what PHP and MySQL are as well as how to use them and how they can work together to create dynamic content for websites.
Easily Create Tables in MySQL Using phpMyAdmin:...
How to create a MySQL database table using phpMyAdmin
How to Rename a Column in a MYSQL Database
How to change the name of a column in a MySQL database
Is_string () PHP Function
The is_string php function is used to check if the value is a string. It will return true or false.
How to Use 'Pagination' to Easily View MySQL...
Use Pagination to display results of your MySQL query over multiple pages in PHP
Understanding the MySQL Command: Limit
Limit the results of your MySQL query to results between a certain number range.
A Quick Guide to Using PHP for Connections with...
Connecting to a MySQL database from a PHP file.
MySQL Connect Files in PHP
When you have many pages requiring access to your MySQL database, it is a good idea to keep your connection login in a separate file, and call it from each of these PHP pages.
Loading a Blank White Screen Instead of Your...
Common solutions to PHP problems - PHP page not loading, showing a blank or white screen
Using TextEdit for PHP
TextEdit comes standard on an Apple Macintosh computer. By following these simple steps you can use this program to create and save PHP files.
Does your website have PHP?
How to determine if your hosting runs PHP
A Beginner's Guide to Basic PHP Sessions
A tutorial explaining the basics of using sessions in PHP - How to use sessions in PHP to track site visitors
How to Create a Simple Address Book with PHP
Create an online address book using PHP
How to Learn SQL/MySQL Free (Guides and...
Just the basics you need to learn SQL code to use with your MySQL database. Free tutorial to learn MySQL.
Setting Up A Short URL Forward
Sometimes when you have a really long, unfriendly URL you want something shorter and easier to remember. We show you how to do this using a PHP redirect.
How to Use the Show Tables SQL Command
The show tables SQL command is used to display all the tables in a MySQL database
How to Repair a MySQL Database with phpMyAdmin
How to repair a MySQL table using phpMyAdmin if you are getting errors or having trouble accessing it.
How to Use PHP to Write to a File
Using PHP to create a file on your server and write data to it
How to Install PHP in Mac OS X
How to install PHP onto your Mac OS X
A Beginner's Guide to PHP
An absolute beginner's guide to writing and understanding their first PHP program.
How Do I Order MySQL Data?
How to sort your MySQL data using a SQL Order By statement
Want to Use "is_numeric ()" Functions in PHP?...
The PHP function is_numeric is used to check if a variable is a number.
Renaming PHP Uploads
How to rename files uploaded by users to your website before saving them to your server.
How to Store User Submitted Files and Data in...
How to store user submitted upload files or form data in a MySQL database.
Managing Data in MySQL: A Quick How-To Guide
Add data to MySQL by using Insert Into SQL code as demonstrated in our tutorial
Your PHP code can't be viewed by viewing the...
You can't see PHP code when you view a document source, you only see the HTML it outputs.
Why Use PHP?
The top three reasons why to use PHP on your website.
Session_start() PHP Function
The session_start() function is used at the beginning of all PHP pages utilizing sessions.
Counting Outbound Clicks With PHP
This tutorial demonstrates how to use php and mysql to count which sites have the most click throughs on your site.
How to Use a PHP Form to Collect User Data
Collect data from HTML forms to process with a PHP script as shown in our tutorial
Understanding how SQL databases work
Learn MySQL from a simple web based tutorial. Learn and understand SQL code
How to Use "\$_SERVER" Functions in PHP
A free PHP tutorial explaining the difference between $_SERVER[’PHP_SELF’], $_SERVER[’SCRIPT_NAME’], and $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']
2 Important Reasons to Use the Mail () Function
Using the PHP MAIL function to send form data to an email from the web.
Backing Up Your phpBB Database
This tutorial shows you how to easily backup your phpbb forum, to restore your site if it should crash or be lost.
A Simple Guide to Writing Functions in PHP
Explore the use of preset PHP functions, with a farther explanation on the date function. Then learn to create your own custom PHP functions.
Need to Know What Your IP Is? Try This
This is a very short easy to understand tutorial about how do create a 'What is my IP' style script, to look up the users IP address as they visit the site
A Simple Rating System in PHP
A PHP script that allows you to give a 1-5 star ratings for items on your website.
How to change a column's size or type in MySQL
Just because you made a MySQL column one type or size doesn't mean that it has to stay that way. Learn how to change each column in MySQL.
How to Set and Use Cookies in PHP
Cookies are used to store information about a user on their computer. We can set cookies using PHP to track visitors, as shown in our tutorial.
Want to Create a Template for Your Website?...
Site templates for easy updating with include files headers and footers using PHP
How to Add Columns with MySQL Command
How to add a column to MySQL using the add column SQL command
How to Use "SSI" to Include External Files in PHP
Include external files into a PHP file using the include or require commands
Web Page Hit Counter
Free web page hit counter code for your website, for a simple free web site hit counter written in PHP.
How do I pass variables in the URL in PHP 5?
If you pass variables in the URL in PHP 4, the same scripts might not work in PHP 5 without some editing. Here is how to fix it.
The 12 Days of PHP
On the first day of PHP my true love gave to me... 12 whole days of PHP to learn!
Learn PHP in 8 Weeks
In just a few minutes ever week, you can learn all the basics of PHP. This course is broken down into eight short lessons. In just eight weeks you will have a firm grasp of all the basic PHP concepts.
How to Display Today's Date on Your Website
An example of how to print the current date on a web page written in HTML using PHP
An Introduction to Loops in PHP
Learn to use the three types of loops - WHILE, FOR, and FOREACH loops in PHP programing to process data.
Artificial Intelligence with PHP
Artificial intelligence is a responsive form of programing designed to simulate a human response. These sites give us more insight on how to do it with PHP.
Calculating Area with PHP
How to create a PHP program to collect the length and width from the user and then calculate the area of the rectangle. A free PHP Tutorial.
How To Generate a Unique ID
PHP code to generate a random unique user ID
How to Use "Rand ()" PHP Functions to Generate...
Generating a random number in PHP with the rand () function, or generating a random number between two given parameters
Calculation time dilation with PHP
Calculation time dilation using a PHP program
Addslashes () PHP Function
How to used the PHP function addslashes to add slashes into form data
Installing PHP on Linux
How to install Apache and PHP on your Linux computer
How Can I Fix A Database Connection Error?
Some common problems that can occur when trying to connect to a MySQL database, and give errors.
Base_convert () PHP Function
Converting one number base to another using PHP
IP Addresses and PHP
What is an IP address and how can you look it up using PHP?
Backup and Restore MySQL Databases
Backup and save your MySQL database you can you upload and restore it later or move it to another server.
How to Get More Information From PHP
Use phpinfo to learn more about the version of PHP your server is running. PHPinfo command cans show you your PHP version, path, and specific settings.
How to Autogenerate Graphics and Images with GD...
You can use the GD Library in PHP to dynamically create images
Why Don't I See My Code When I View Source?
When you view source on your PHP files, why can't you see your code?
Why PHP is a Server-Side Programming Language
PHP is a server side language, this means that all calculation are preformed on the server and not seen by the end user.
Use - SQL Command
Use the USE Command in MySQL to switch databases
The Advanced PHP Programmer's Guide to Everything
Understanding the preg_grep PHP function and how to use it on your PHP website
A Practical PHP Form to Mail
How to send an email from a form on a website to your email using PHP
Simple PHP & MySQL Poll
This tutorial explains how to make a basic poll using PHP and MySQL, along with the GD Library to give a pie chart of the poll results.
PHP Flat File Counter
This tutorial shows you step by step how to create a flat file counter (no database) using PHP
Formatting Your PHP
How to make your PHP pages pretty with formatting
Server Side Scripting
Server side scripting means that all of the code is executed on the server before the data is passed to the user's browser.
Convert Temperature
Convert Temperature - Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius Temperature using a free php script
How To Redirect Users to Hidden Pages
A simple password style redirect that sends a user to the word they enter plus .html as a way of hiding pages
PHP CSS Switcher
Allow your users to change CSS style on your site, using PHP and Cookies
How To Create a Database in MySQL
How to create a new database in MySQL using SQL or phpmyadmin.
Simple Banner Rotation
Generate random banners advertising on your web site with PHP, or have random graphic rotation.
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator
A PHP based online pregnancy due date calculator, step by step instructions on how to add a calculator to your page.
Create a Link from a Database
How to retrieve a URL and text from a database and create a link on your website using PHP.
Bindec () PHP Function
The bindec function is used to convert a binary string to a decimal in PHP.
Store PHP Code in a MySQL Database
Store your PHP code in a MySQL database and call it when needed
Automatically display when a file was last...
How to show the date a file was last modified using PHP and filemtime. This is great for automatically dating time sensitive data on your website.
Flip a Coin With PHP
Use PHP to flip a virtual coin for a yes or no answer. PHP code step by step to show you how to flip a digital coin.
A Quick Guide to Using "Alter Table" Commands...
How to use the MySQL alter table command, and what to combine it with to do different things to your database.
Show Databases SQL Command
Using the show databases SQL command to show all the databases on the MySQL server
Connecting to a MySQL database from PHP
How to connect to your MySQL database from a PHP file
Using MySQL with iOS
While there are multiple methods of storing local data in an iOS app, sometimes the data already exists in one of your databases
What is a Plain Text Editor?
Text editors are useful tools for programers and web designers, we can tell you what a text editor is and how to use one.
Abs () PHP Function
How to use the ABS () function in PHP to return the absolute value of a number
Customizing phpBB's template
How to edit your phpBB template to have a custom look, or theme.
How to Remove Columns from a Table with Drop...
How to remove (drop) a column from a table using MySQL with your SQL database.
How to Write a 'Last Visited' Script in PHP
How to make a PHP script that welcomes the user and tells them when they last visited.
PHP Code Showing Instead of Running
If you are running PHP on a web server, make sure you have a host who is setup to run PHP. Mac and Windows require more steps.
Check Your PHP
How to troubleshoot and double check your PHP code for errors
Connect to MySQL from PHP
How to connect to your MySQL database from a PHP document
Free PHP Script Directories
A listing of Free PHP Scripts and websites that provide them
How To CHMOD from FTP
How to CHMOD (change the permissions) of a file to different permissions using an FTP program.
PHP Random Quote
This tutorial shows how to use switch () to display a random quote on your website - Free PHP Tutorial
Describe SQL Command
The describe SQL command is used to list all of the fields in a table and the data format of each field. It is phrased as: describe ;
Imagecreate () PHP Function
The imagecreate () function is used in PHP to create a new palette based image
5 PHP Scripts you can write today!
Five easy PHP programs to get you started with the language.
Six fun things to add to your website
Looking for some fun new additions to your website? Here are six really easy PHP scripts for your website.
Rounding and Formatting Numbers
How to round a number in PHP - Free simple tutorial to using the round () function
PHP Time and Calendars
PHP functions and scripts related to the use and creation of calendars, or dates in PHP.
How can I learn PHP?
A guide to how to get started learning PHP
Creating Thumbnails with PHP using the GD Library
In this tutorial we explore how to do this using imagecopyresized () and use imagecopyresampled. We also cover calling the image from the PHP file.
How tutorial of how to use GoTo in PHP to skip over code.
How to Setup PHP Error Reporting in MySQL
How to report an error into PHP from MySQL when your SQL code has errors
Your First PHP Script
A very basic walkthrough of everything you need to make your first PHP script, in simple straight forward terms.
Upgrade phpBB2 to phpBB3
How to upgrade your phpBB2 to phpBB3 without losing your information.
How to Connect PHP Files to a MySQL Database
How to connect to MySQL from a PHP file and execute commands.
How to use phpMyAdmin for your database.
A basic overview of what you can do to your database with phpMyAdmin.
Guess The Number Tutorial
This free tutorial teaches you how to write a simple guess the number game in PHP.
Echo () PHP Function
Echo Function in PHP outputs (echos) the data to the page
What is Boolean Logic?
Boolean logic is a type of decision making utilized by computers to decide if a statement is true or false.
A Quick PHP Variable Reference
Everything you've ever wanted to know about PHP variables in an easy to understand, free tutorial.
How to rotate an image using pHP
How to rotate an image using PHP
Detect a User's IP Address
Record a user's IP address using this free PHP script.
Answers to your PHP questions
Answers to some of your most frequently asked PHP beginner questions.
Does PHP Work With My Browser?
Does a PHP based website work in my chosen internet browser?
How To Check Your PHP Version
Hot to check your PHP Version. PHP / MySQL.
Calculating the Hypotenuse in PHP
How to calculate the Hypotenuse of a right triangle using PHP and the hypot function
Time Based PHP Greetings
How to create time based greetings using a PHP script
Eval () PHP Function
Eval () is used to evaluate its input string as PHP and then process it as such
How to Use 'Crypt ()' Functions for Data...
Using the crypt function in PHP to encrypt passwords and other data and keep them safe
Date & Time in PHP
How to create and format a timestamp in PHP for a current, past or future date.
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