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PHP Hit Counters
Share your php hit counter code with the world

Joomla - User Feedback
What do you think about Joomla?

PHP Error Reporting - Tips, Tricks, and Help
Users share their tips and tricks for using PHP Error Reporting

Choose the_content and the_excerpt in WordPress - Show some excerpts …
You can use this code to choose which of your WordPress posts will show as excerpts and which will show as full posts by defining custom fields.

Create a Stardate with PHP - Star Trek Dates with PHP - Star …
How to use calculate the star date (like the stardates on star trek) using PHP.

Wordpress and PHP - Wordpress Blogging Software
Wordpress is popular PHP based blogging software. Learn how to use it here.

Record a User's IP address - Detect User IP Address
Record a user's IP address using this free PHP script.

Do you use PRINT or ECHO?
Which do you use in your PHP scripts and why?

What version of PHP do you have?
What version of PHP do you have on your website?

How Did you Learn PHP
How did you learn PHP?

Write or Borrow
Do you usually write your own PHP or work with ready made scripts that you use as is or modify?

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