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Advanced Skills


Before you attempt things on this page you should have a basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL. Here we will cover some more advanced PHP skills as well as some walkthroughs of scripts you can create with PHP and MySQL.
  1. Advanced PHP
  2. Example Scripts
  3. GD Library

Advanced PHP

Here are some skills not covered in our basic tutorials, but that you might need when you get into more in depth PHP programming. Although they are broken down to be easy, you will probably understand them better if you already have a working PHP knowledge.

Example Scripts

Here you will find actual coding examples of things you can do with PHP and MySQL. You can use these as stand alone scripts, or as a jumping off point for creating your own custom scripts.

GD Library

The GD Library is used to create and manipulate graphics via PHP. You can create an image from scratch, create thumbnails for your photos, add text to photos, resize images, recolor images, and more.

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