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How do I pass variables in the URL in PHP 5?


Question: How do I pass variables in the URL in PHP 5?
If you pass variables in the URL in PHP4, and then move your scripts to a server running PHP5, you may notice they no longer work. Things such as www.yoursite.com/script.php?color=red in PHP4 would automatically assign $color = red.... how can you make it work in PHP5?

Answer: PHP5 is also capable of handling variables in this manor. The difference is that register_globals is turned OFF in php.ini by default in PHP5, and turned ON by default in PHP4. To make the passed variables work you have two options:

1.) Turn register_globals ON in the php.ini file


2.) Use $_GET['var'] In our example of www.yoursite.com/script.php?color=red you would use:

$color = $_GET['color']
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