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Security for PHP and MySQL

When using PHP and MySQL it is important to program in a safe way to keep out hackers and risk losing sensitive information.

Using Encryption
Using the crypt function in PHP to encrypt passwords and keep them safe

How To Generate a Unique ID
PHP code to generate a random unique user ID

PHP File Upload Security Ideas
Allowing users to upload files to your website poses security risks. Here are some ideas to help protect yourself.

PHP Security Consortium
PHP Security Consortium (PHPSC) is an international group of PHP experts dedicated to promoting secure programming practices within the PHP community

PHP Advisory
Articles pertaining to creating secure PHP applications.

MySQL Security
General MySQL Security information from mysql.com

Common Security Mistakes
Learn some of the most common security mistakes PHP programmers make, and how you can avoid them

PHP Foundations: Common Mistakes
Learn how to use 'PHP paranoia' to your advantage to write more secure scripts for use online

Secret Decoder Ring

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