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Using TextEdit for PHP

How to Create and Save PHP in TextEdit on a Apple/Mac


TextEdit is one of the programs that comes standard on an Apple Macintosh computer. By following these simple steps you can use this program to create and save PHP files.

  1. Open TextEdit:
    • Open a Finder window
    • Choose Applications from the menu on the left
    • On the right, find and double click TextEdit

  2. Change the Format: From the Format menu, choose Make Plain Text

  3. Enter Your Code: Type your PHP code into TextEdit

  4. Save Your File:
    • Choose Save As from the File menu
    • Enter your_file.php into the Save As line, being sure to include the .php extension
    • Hit the Save button
    • A popup will ask you if you want to use .txt or .php as the file extension. Click the Use .php button

On a Windows computer? Click Here for instructions on using Notepad.

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