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Programing Glossary

Learn about general programing terms, internet terms, PHP terms and MySQL related terminology.

What is an Avatar?
An avatar is used to represent you online.

What does a 404 Error Mean?
What does a 404 error mean on a web site?

Binary Numbers
What are binary numbers, and how do you read them

Boolean Logic
Boolean logic is a type of decision making utilized by computers to decide if a statement is true or false.

Comparision Operators
A comparison operator compares one value to another.

DMBS stands for Database Management System

e is Approximately 2.7
e is a mathematical constant sometimes used in PHP programing and is approximately equal to 2.7

An expression is made up of operators and operands. It tells us to preform one or more comparisons or calculations to evaluate a single value.

Floating Point Number
What is a floating point number, double, or real number, and how does it apply to PHP programming?

Foobar (Foo Bar)
A history of the use of Foo bar (Foobar) in programming and PHP.

File Transfer Protocol lets you interact with the files on your server.

A function is a set of predefined commands

Garbage in Garbage Out
GIGO is an acronym for Garbage in Garbage Out

GPL is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change free software

Integer is a mathematical term to define the set of whole numbers both positive and negative, as well as 0

An interconnected system of networks that connects computers around the world via the TCP/IP protocol

Magic Quotes
Magic Quotes adds slashes to all data submitted via form in PHP

Mathematical Operators
Mathematical operators preform simple math calculations on the operands in an expression.

In PHP and mathematics, null is used to describe a set with no members.

In a mathematical expression, an operand is a single piece of data that an operator is being applied to. Operands can be numbers, variables, or other expressions.

In an expression, the Operator tells us what action to preform on the Operands. In PHP there are three types of operators

A patch is a download that updates your software to fix bugs, add security, or add new features.

Server Side Scripting
Server side scripting means that all of the code is executed on the server before the data is passed to the user's browser.

Software Development Stages
If you plan to release your scripts to the public, they usually go through several stages before they final release.

Server side includes allow you to include an external file as part of the file being called.

A string is a sequence of letters, numbers, or symbols.

Text Editors
Text editors are useful tools that allow programers and web designers to save files as the appropriate type.

A variable is a character or string used to represent a value.

What is a wiki and can one be made with PHP?

What is a String?
A string is a type of data that can contain letters and numbers.

Object Oriented Programing - Part 1
What is object oriented programming? (Part 1)

Object Oriented Programing - Part 2
What is OOP? The second half of our look at object oriented programming.

What is a relational database?
What a relational database is, described in terms a non-programmer can understand.

Plugins and Themes
What is the difference between a plugin and a theme?

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