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PHP and MySQL Basics

Before you can start learning PHP and MySQL there are some basic things you should know. The articles below are designed to give you the background knowledge needed to learn PHP and MySQL from our easy tutorials.

Should I Upgrade my PHP Software?
Sometimes the PHP programs you are running, as well as PHP itself are updated. Should you upgrade or not?

What is PHP Used For?
What is PHP Used For? Answers to this new programmer question.

Joomla is a content management system based in PHP.

LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
LAMP is short for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Learn more about what LAMP is and what it can do for your website!

How to Install PHP on a Mac
How to install PHP onto your Mac OS X

Why Use PHP?
The top three reasons why to use PHP on your website.

Create a Link from a Database
How to retrieve a URL and text from a database and create a link on your website using PHP.

Deciding Factors when Installing a PHP Script
Top 7 things to look for when choosing a PHP script for your website.

What are PHP and MySQL
This page explains what PHP and MySQL are as well as how to use them and how they can work together to create dynamic content for websites.

What is a Plain Text Editor
Text editors are useful tools for programers and web designers. This page explains what a text editor is, and why we use them.

What is FTP and how do I use it
What is ftp - file transfer protocol - and how do I use it on my website to upload and download information

Learn HTML or brush up on the basics
PHP works closely with HTML, and can be embedded right into your existing HTML code. If you are not familiar with HTML you should learn the basics before starting PHP.

Uniform Pages with PHP
Giving your page a uniform look isn't that hard, but updating it is. Changing a page design or a simple copyright notice can be time consuming when it must be done on all your pages.

How the CHMOD a file to different permissions from your FTP program

How To Move Your Website When You Change Hosting Companies
How to move your PHP and MySQL or HTML site from one host to another.

Install PHP on Windows
Install PHP locally on your computer or Windows server

Install MySQL on Windows
Install MySQL database on your Windows computer

Enable PHP on Mac
Macintosh computers are already setup to run PHP, you just need to enable it. This page explains how.

Enable MySQL on Mac
To run MySQL databases on your Macintosh computer, all you need to do is enable it.

PHP is a Server Side Language
PHP is a server side language, this means that all calculation are preformed on the server and not seen by the end user.

Hiring a Web Programmer
How the process of hiring a web developer works from the standpoint of the client and the designer.

Installing PHP on Linux
How to install Apache and PHP on your Linux computer

Installing MySQL on Windows
How to install MySQL on your Windows computer to use for testing

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