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MySQL Commands

Information about all of the available MySQL commands, and what each does.

Add Column - MySQL Command
How to add a column to MySQL using the add column SQL command

Add Unique - MySQL Command
Add a unique table column in MySQL to ensure you do not have any duplicates, but using 'Add Unique' in your SQL Code

Alter Table - MySQL Command
How to use the MySQL alter table command, and what to combine it with to do different things to your database.

Ceil - MySQL Command
Use Ceiling to always round a number up

Change - MySQL Command
The change SQL command can be used to change a column's name

Count - MySQL Command
The MySQL Count command is used to count the number of records held on a specific table

Create Database - MySQL Command
Use the create database command in MySQL to create a new database on the MySQL server

Describe - MySQL Command
The describe command shows a tables fields and their formats

Drop Column - MySQL Command
How to remove (drop) a column from a table using MySQL with your SQL database.

Drop Database - MySQL Command
The drop database command in MySQL will remove a database from the server

Drop Table - MySQL Command
Remove an entire table from a MySQL database using the drop table command

Floor - MySQL Command
Use Floor to always round a number down

From - MySQL Command
From is used with Select in MySQL to choose what table to query from

Limit - MySQL Command
Limit the results of your MySQL query to results within a certain number range.

Modify - MySQL Command
Change the size of a MySQL column by using the Modify SQL command

MySQL Login from Unix Shell
Login to your mysql server from unix shell

Select - MySQL Command
The SQL select statement is used to choose what data to pull from the mysql database

Show Columns - MySQL Command
The show columns command is used to display all the columns for a given table and their details.

Show Databases- MySQL Command
Use the show databases command in MySQL to show all the databases on the MySQL server

Show Tables - MySQL Command
The show tables command is used to display all the tables in a MySQL database

Use - MySQL Command
Switch databases in MySQL using the use command

Where - MySQL Command
In SQL where is used with select to choose specifically what to search for in your MySQL database

MySQL Commands List
Learn all of the available MySQL commands and what each of them is used for when working with your MySQL database.

Limit - MySQL Command
Limit the results of your MySQL query to results between a certain number range.

How to close your MySQL connection from PHP
How to close your connection to MySQL from PHP

MySQL with Android

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