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Learn PHP

PHP can be a powerful tool on your web site and learning it isn't as hard as you might think. Using our informative tutorials, even a beginner with no programming experience can start learning PHP and putting it to use right away.

Learn PHP in 8 Weeks
In just a few minutes ever week, you can learn all the basics of PHP. This course is broken down into eight short lessons. In just eight weeks you will have a firm grasp of all the basic PHP concepts.

How to use Arrays in PHP
How to setup and access an array and it's elements using PHP.

Getting started with PHP
An absolute beginner's guide to writing and understanding their first PHP program.

Changing the capitalization of stings
How to change the capitalization of a sting using PHP including making it all capitals, all lower case, each word capitalized, and each string capitalized.

Learning PHP Checklist
Are you ready to start learning PHP Programming? Take a look at this quick check list before you get started to make sure you're good to go!

Create Links in PHP
How to create links in PHP

How a computer makes a decision
How to make decisions in PHP programs using if/else and switch loops

Print vs Echo - Do you use Print or Echo?
Do you use print or echo in your PHP scripts? Users give their answers to this PHP question.

Detect a User's IP Address
Record a user's IP address using this free PHP script.

Loops in PHP
A loop is a series of commands that will continue to repeat over and over again untill a condition is met. Learn about different types of loops in PHP.

Random Numbers
How to generate a random number using PHP

Random Numbers
How to generate a random number using PHP

Formatting Your PHP
How to make your PHP pages pretty with formatting

Getting Started with PHP
Just the essentials you need to learn PHP

How to embed php into HTML, or put HTML inside PHP so you can use both on the same page of your website.

PHP Time and Calendars
PHP functions and scripts related to the use and creation of calendars, or dates in PHP.

PHP and Flat File Data Storage
How to use PHP commands to interact with flat file text (txt) documents.

Learn PHP - A Beginner's Guide to PHP Programing
Learn PHP from a simple web based tutorial. Explore basic PHP syntax, using variables, operators and operands, and the use of conditional statements.

Learn PHP - Use WHILE, FOR and FOREACH Loops
Learn to use the three types of loops - WHILE, FOR, and FOREACH loops in PHP programing to process data.

Learn PHP - How to Use and Write Functions
Explore the use of preset PHP functions, with a further explanation on the date function. Then learn to create your own custom PHP functions.

Learn PHP - Collecting and Processing Data from Forms
Collect data from HTML forms to process with PHP

Learn PHP - Redirection Script
HP redirection script to transfer users from one web page URL on your site to a new page URL or web site

Learn PHP - PHP Information
Learn more about the version of PHP your server is running using the php info command to see your version, path, and specific settings.

Learn PHP - Countdowns
Create a simple countdown in PHP using the mktime function

Learn PHP - Math Functions
A list of commonly used math functions in PHP, and what they do.

Learn PHP - Random Numbers
Generating a random number in PHP with the rand () function

Learn PHP - What Is My IP?
This is a very short easy to understand tutorial about how do create a 'What is my IP' style script, to look up the users IP address as they visit the site

Learn PHP - Using $_SERVER in PHP
The difference between $_SERVER[’PHP_SELF’], $_SERVER[’SCRIPT_NAME’], and $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']

Learn PHP - Lookup Browser
$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] is used to retrieve information about the users browser and computer operating system, using PHP. Learn how with our tutorial.

Learn PHP - Rounding and Formatting Numbers
How to round and formatt numbers in PHP

Your First PHP Script
A very basic walkthrough of everything you need to make your first PHP script, in simple straight forward terms.

Using Notepad for PHP
How to use Notepad to create and save PHP files

Using TextEdit for PHP
How to use TextEdit to create and save PHP on your Apple Macintosh (Mac) Computer.

Redirect Old Pages to New URLs
Redirect pages from their old URL to a new URL using a line of PHP

Finding the HTTP_REFERER
How to find a page's referrer using HTTP_REFERER in PHP.

Hello World
How to write a "Hello World" script, the most basic of all computer programs, in PHP.

A Quick PHP Variable Reference
Everything you've ever wanted to know about PHP variables in an easy to understand, free tutorial.

How and Why to Comment Your PHP Code
How and why to comment your code in PHP

Tips for Making User Friendly Scripts
Some tips for making your programs user friendly

Learn More About Your Server's PHP
The phpinfo () is used to gather lot of information about what is running on your PHP server.

Finding the Document Root
Often when installing scripts you need to know the document root. This simple script can give you that information.

PHP Author Notes
Author notes that a PHP author should include in the files that the create.

Using PHP and Javascript with Python
How to use PHP and Javascript with Python instead of using CGI

The Difference Between Cookies and Sessions
What is the difference between sessions and cookies in PHP?

Automatically display when a file was last modified on your website
How to show the date a file was last modified using PHP and the filemtime function. This is great for automatically dating time sensitive data on your website.

Using Comparison Operators in PHP
How to use comparison operators in PHP to compare greater than, less then, equal to and more.

How to prevent an endless PHP loop from breaking your program
How to prevent endless loops in PHP programs

Creating a timestamp for any given date in the past or future
How to use the mktime function in PHP to generate a time stamp of a given time and date in the past or future.

How to create a function in PHP
Learn how to create a function in PHP

How to define an array in PHP
How to create an array in PHP

How to include your HTML in your PHP
A PHP translation of your HTML

Updating your pages using SSI
How to quickly and easily update the copyrights on all your pages at the same time for the new year.

Your PHP code can't be viewed by viewing the document source
You can't see PHP code when you view a document source, you only see the HTML it outputs.

Skipping over chunks of code in PHP using Goto
How to skip over a section of code in PHP using goto.

Which loop is best for your project?
How to use loops in your PHP code to repeat a section of code over and over until a condition is met.

Learning PHP part 2 - All about variables
Learning PHP part 2 - All about variables, how to assign then, how to use them, etc

Understanding Arrays in PHP
Understanding arrays in PHP and how we use them.

Choosing the right programming language for the job.
A quick guide to help people who want to get into computer programming choose what language to learn based on their end programming goals.

Create a program that...
Challenge questions designed to make you test your PHP skills by creating simple programs

Using Modulus to Find the Remainder
A tutorial of how to use modulus in PHP to find the remainder, and a challenge question about using it.

Different ways to use timestamps.
Challenge question #003 deals with using timestamps in PHP.

Date & Time in PHP
How to create and format a timestamp in PHP for a current, past or future date.

One Liners We Love
Here are some examples of super simple PHP scripts that we use every day.

PHP Quick Start
A quick look at PHP for people going back to school.

Mobile Friendly Websites
Making your website mobile friendly as a PHP programmer.

There's more to a program than code
There is more to creating a nice program than just the code. You need graphic, marketing, etc.

Six fun things to add to your website
Looking for some fun new additions to your website? Here are six really easy PHP scripts for your website.

Sandboxing Your PHP Code
What is sandboxing and how do PHP programmers use it?

Website Accessibility
How to make your website more accessible to users.

Making Change
Write a simple PHP program to determine how change should be given

Magic 8 Ball in PHP
How to make a magic 8 ball in PHP using a switch loop

Learn PHP This Summer
Learn the basics of PHP over the summer with these eight super short micro lessons.

All about Date and Time in PHP
All about using date and time in PHP code.

IP Addresses and PHP
What is an IP address and how can you look it up using PHP?

Adjusting Timestamps for Time Zones
How to adjust timestamps to show times for different time zones.

Generate a copyright with PHP
How to dynamically generate a copyright notice on your PHP pages to always use the current year.

Working as a PHP Developer

Calculating Wind Chill with PHP
An example of a PHP program that will calculate the wind chill temperature based on the temperature and the wind speed.

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