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Learn MySQL

MySQL is a relational database and a powerful online tool for storing important information and delivering that information back to your website on demand. Here you can learn more about how to use MySQL.
  1. MySQL Administration (6)

MySQL Quick Start Guide
Get a head start on learning MySQL before school starts!

How to change a column's size or type in MySQL
How to change a column's size or type in MySQL

How to Change a Column Name in MySQL
How to change the name of a column in a MySQL database

Geometry Functions in PHP
PHP Functions that deal with geometry, and how to use them in your programming

Getting Started with MySQL
Just the basics you need to learn MySQL.

Learn MySQL: Understanding MySQL
Before you start learning SQL commands, it is important to understand these concepts about how a database is organized, and what data it can hold.

Learn MySQL: Create a Database in MySQL
How to create a new database in MySQL using SQL code or phpMyAdmin.

Learn MySQL: Creating tables in MySQL
Learn to create tables in a MySQL database through phpMyAdmin or through a command line.

Learn MySQL: Managing MySQL data
Manage your MySQL database by adding data, editing data, searching data, and removing data.

Learn MySQL: Using MySQL Joins
Learn how to use MySQL joins to create dynamic reports from data spanning across multiple tables.

Learn MySQL: Ordering MySQL Data
How to sort your MySQL data using a SQL Order By statement

Altering Existing Tables
How to use the MySQL alter table command, and what to combine it with to do different things to your existing tables.

Backup & Restore MySQL Databases
Backup and restore MySQL databases from a command prompt or phpMyAdmin

Download phpMyAdmin to easily work with your MySQL database
phpMyAdmin is a useful tool to provide an easy to use interface for working with MySQL databases. It can be downloaded for free, and installed on your server.

How to change the size of a MySQL column.
You may need to change the size of a table in MySQL after you've made the database. This free tutorial shows you how to do it.

Installing MySQL on a Mac
How to install MySQL on your Apple computer

Using MySQL with iOS

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