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Graphics- GD Library

The GD Library is used along with PHP to create graphics on the fly, as well as manipulate and edit existing graphics. It can preform simple tasks like creating thumbnail images, or drawing graphs on the fly. It can also do some more complex graphic editing, such as grayscaling or applying other filters to a photo.

How to rotate an image using pHP
How to rotate an image using PHP

GD Library 101
Using the GD Library in PHP to create, resize, grayscale, rotate, draw, manipulate and edit images.

The Basics of Drawing with PHP
You can use the GD Library in PHP to dynamically create images

Creating Thumbnails with PHP using the GD Library
Use PHP and the GD Library to create thumbnails of images on the fly.

Converting Images to Grayscale using PHP and the GD Library
Turn a color photo to black and white (grayscale, greyscale) using the GD Library and PHP

Rotate an Image
How to rotate an image using PHP with the GD Library

Drawing a Polygon with PHP
How to draw a polygon in PHP using the imagepolygon function and assigning the coordinates of each corner

Graphic Results from a Simple PHP & MySQL Poll
This tutorial explains how to make a basic poll using PHP and MySQL, along with the GD Library to give a pie chart of the poll results.

GD Library Cheat Sheet
A GD Library cheat sheet to use with PHP.

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