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These tutorials will show you step-by-step how to create many usable applications for your website. These programs are all fully functional and ready to use right away on your website. All the code is presented to you and then explained so you can both use it and understand it. These do not explain each function in detail like our PHP tutorials do, but rather assume you have some basic PHP knowledge and just need help with the finished product.

How to change your website color based on the day of the week
How to use PHP to change the background color of your website based on the day of the week. This same concept than be applied to changing any website variables based on the day of the week.

How To Make a Holiday Countdown on Your Website.
How to make a countdown to Christmas using PHP on your website

Calculating Area with PHP
How to create a PHP program to collect the length and width from the user and then calculate the area of the rectangle. A free PHP Tutorial.

Dynamic PHP Banner with your Latest Twitter Post
How to use PHP to create a banner or signature that displays your latest Twitter post!

Creating Stardates with PHP
How to use calculate the star date (like the stardates on star trek) using PHP.

PHP Hex Color Chart
This simple PHP script lets you generate a chart of hex (hexadecimal) colors for use in web design

10 Cool Things To Do With PHP
So what can I do with PHP? Here are ten of our favorite fun (and useful) things you can use PHP for on your website. Looking for more PHP ideas? Check out our step-by-step section with lots of tutorials on other things you can do with PHP.

Calculating the Hypotenuse in PHP
How to calculate the Hypotenuse of a right triangle using PHP and the hypot function

Upgrade phpBB2 to phpBB3
How to upgrade your phpBB2 to phpBB3 without losing your information.

A Simple Rating System in PHP
A script that allows you to give a 1-5 star ratings for things on your site

Automatic Copyright Dates
This script automatically updates the copyright date on your website every year so that you don't have to worry about it.

Counting Outbound Clicks
Count which sites have the most click throughs off your site.

Extracting the File Extension
How to extract the extension (.jpg), (.gif), (.png), etc from the file name. This is useful if you are renaming the file.

Finding the Document Root
Often when installing scripts you need to know the document root. This simple script can give you that information.

Flip a Coin With PHP
Use PHP to flip a virtual coin for a yes or no answer. PHP code step by step to show you how to flip a digital coin.

Guess The Number Tutorial
This free tutorial teaches you how to write a simple guess the number game in PHP.

Learn to convert temperature with PHP
Step by step guide to creating a temperature conversion program in PHP

How to Template a Site Using PHP
How to create site templates for easy updating using headers and footers in PHP

Make Addslashes more Universal
Make a function that works to add slashes when magic quotes is on or off

Merry Christmas
The holiday version of the classic "Hello World" turned into "Merry Christmas" using the PHP print and echo functions.

PHP Flat File Counter
This tutorial shows you step by step how to create a flat file counter (no database) using PHP

PHP CSS Switcher
Allow your users to change CSS style on your site, using PHP and Cookies

PHP Login Script
PHP code to create a login script - Registration, login, members area, and logout

PHP Magic 8-Ball
Use PHP's Rand () function to create an online magic 8-ball - PHP Script tutorial

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator
A PHP based online pregnancy due date calculator, step by step instructions on how to add a calculator to your page.

PHP Random Quote
This tutorial shows how to use switch () to display a random quote on your website - Free PHP Tutorial

Random Quote Generator
Generate random quotes using a PHP switch loop

Redirect Based on the Day of the Week
Redirect users to a web page based on the day of the week, so you are directed to one page on a Monday, a different on a Tuesday, and a different on a Wednesday, etc. using PHP

Redirect Users to Hidden Pages
A simple password style redirect that sends a user to the word they enter plus .html as a way of hiding pages

Send an Email From a Web Based Form
A step by step guide to creating a program that sends an email to the site staff from a web based form

Setting Up A Short URL Forward
Sometimes when you have a really long, unfriendly URL you want something shorter and easier to remember. We show you how to do this using a PHP redirect.

Simple Address Book with PHP and MySQL
A step-by-step guide to creating an address book using PHP and MySQL

Simple PHP & MySQL Poll
This tutorial explains how to make a basic poll using PHP and MySQL, along with the GD Library to give a pie chart of the poll results.

Simple Banner Rotation
Generate random banners on your site with PHP, or have random graphic rotation.

Simple PHP Calendar
Learn how to generate a simple PHP calendar using our PHP calendar tutorial - Learn PHP free

Time Based PHP Greetings
How to create time based greetings using a PHP script

Today's Date using PHP
An example of how to print the current date on a web page written in HTML using PHP

Web Page Hit Counter
A very simple hit counter using PHP and MySQL

What Day of the Week Does it Fall on?
This script shows you how to find out what day of the week a specific date falls on by using PHP and the mktime function.

When is Columbus Day?
Columbus Day falls on the second Monday of October every year. So when is it this year? You can used PHP to determine it's date.

When Is Thanksgiving?
How to calculate when Thanksgiving day in the USA falls using a PHP script

World of Warcraft PHP Arena Points Calculator
PHP Code to add an Arena Points Calculator to your World of Warcraft website.

You Last Visited PHP Script
How to make a PHP script that welcomes the user and tells them when they last visited.

Monthly Calendar
This article shows you how to display a calendar for a given month, mainly using PHP's date() function. The article talks you through the process of creating a function which allows you to specify the month and year for it to output the calendar for the month.

PHP Based Chat Room
A step by step tutorial about how to create a PHP based chat room for your site.

How to fix it if your variables aren't passing!
How to fix your PHP code if your variable aren't passing

How to find a user's IP address using PHP
How to find a user's IP address using PHP

Calculate the date of Mother's day using PHP
A free PHP script to calculate the date of Mother's day in any particular year.

Five tips for making your PHP website more interactive
Five tips to help turn your PHP website into a more interactive experience for your readers, customers, or followers.

Learning PHP part 1
If you've decided that now is the time to start learning a programming language, let me help get you started with PHP!

Geometry & PHP part 1
A rundown of some of the geometric functions available to PHP Programmers.

Geometry & PHP part 2
More about math related PHP functions

Programing for Special Education
This article contains some helpful hints of tailoring your computer programs for use in special education classrooms.

A week before Easter
How to calculate one week before Easter (or any other date) using PHP

The Fibonacci Sequence
How to calculate the Fibonacci sequence with a very simple PHP program.

Replacing Special Characters

Time Dilation Calculation with PHP
Calculation time dilation using a PHP program

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