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Advanced PHP

Once you have mastered the basics of PHP from our 'Learn PHP' series of tutorials, you can move on to learning more advanced PHP concepts.

The Mathematics of Time in PHP
More information about dealing with Time in PHP

The Three Most Basic Regular Expressions
The three most simple regular expressions that you will use with PHP

Using the PHP MAIL function
Using the PHP MAIL function to send form data to email

Using Cookies with PHP
Cookies are used to store information about a user on their computer.

Basic PHP Sessions
A tutorial explaining the basics of using sessions in PHP

Execute PHP from a .html File
How to execute PHP code in a file with a .html extension

Introduction to Preg in PHP
Understanding the preg_grep, preg_match, preg_match_all, preg_replace, and preg_split functions and how to use them on your PHP website

Including external files in PHP
Include external files into a PHP file using the include or require commands

Building Variables From Variables
How build variables on the fly with PHP.

Writing to a File From PHP
Writing to a file using PHP to add data

Uploading Files with PHP
Upload a file from your browser to your server using PHP

Renaming PHP Uploads
How to rename files uploaded by users before saving them to the server.

PHP File Upload Security Ideas
Allowing users to upload files to your website poses security risks. Here are some ideas to help protect yourself.

Read & Return Data From Files into PHP
How to open an external file with PHP and download its contents to use within your PHP file.

Using Encryption
Using the crypt function in PHP to encrypt passwords and keep them safe

Artificial Intelligence with PHP
Artificial intelligence is a responsive form of programing designed to simulate a human response. These sites give us more insight on how to do it with PHP.

Seperate Language Files
Why you should create a separate language file when creating a script you plan to release.

Use PHP in a File That Supports Mixed Scripting Languages
How to use PHP in a file that supports mixed scripting languages

Working with someone else's code
A quick guide to working with someone else's code

Jumping into regular expressions
A basic guide to regular expressions, a useful skill in PHP programming.

Version Control
Working cooperatively on a coding project.

Visual PHP Countdown
How to make a visual progress bar to accompany a PHP countdown.

PHP Pregnancy Calculator
The PHP pregnancy calculator measures a pregnant woman's progress.

PHP time zone management
PHP allowed time zones and how to use them in your PHP code.

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