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PHP Math Functions - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Math expressions in PHP are made up of operators and operands. Basic math like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing can be done using mathematical ...
Operator - PHP Operator - Math Operator - PHP/MySQL - About.com
In a PHP expression, the Operator tells us what action to preform on the Operands. In PHP there are three types of operators.
Mathematical Expression - Math Expression - PHP Expression
An math expression is made up of operators and operands. It tells us to preform one or more comparisons or calculations to evaluate a single value.
PHP Variable - Programming Variable - Math Variable - PHP/MySQL
In the case of PHP a variable is used to represent any other data and always begins with a ... In PHP a variable is defined with a dollar sign [$] as $cat is above .
Mathematical Operator - Math Operator - PHP Operator - PHP/MySQL
Definition: Mathematical operators preform simple math calculations on the operands in an expression. The four mathematical operators are multiplication (*)  ...
Acos PHP Function - Arccosine PHP Function - PHP Math Function
The acos () function is used in PHP to find the arccosine of a number. In acos (x) the value of x should be between -1 and 1, with -1 returning a value of PI.
PHP Exponent (Power Of, Raised Power) Function - PHP/MySQL
How to use exponents in PHP to raise a number to the power of another number.
PHP Pi - Using Pi in PHP - PHP 3.141592 Pi
How to use the different Pi tags in PHP, how to use the PI () PHP function and M_PI, ... The PI () function is used in many mathematical calculations and is ...
Math Integer Definition (PHP) - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Integer is a mathematical term to define the set of whole numbers both positive and negative, as well as 0.
Making PHP time human friendly - PHP/MySQL - About.com
How to make PHP time make sense to human users.
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