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Localhost doesn't work - PHP/MySQL - About.com
What to do when localhost doesn't work in your PHP script.
Why Isn't localhost Working to Connect to My Database? - PHP/MySQL
How to troubleshoot localhost not working to connect to your mysql database via PHP.
Install and Enable PHP in Mac OS X - PHP/MySQL - About.com
If you want to test if it worked, point your browser to http://localhost/ and you should see the standard Apache test page. 1 of 4. 1. 2 · Enabling the PHP Module on ...
http://php.about.com/od/phpbasics/ss/installMac.htm - Localhost IP Address - Wireless/Networking - About.com is an reserved IPv4 address. is a special purpose address conventionally used as a computer's loopback address.
Interface Configuration for IP - Linux Network Administration
The very first interface to be activated is the loopback interface: # ifconfig lo 127.0 .0.1. Occasionally, you will see the dummy hostname localhost being used ...
Definition of localhost - About localhost - Web Browsers
Definition: Localhost is a reserved address that a computer or device can use when referencing itself. The IP address for the alias "localhost" is normally ...
hosts - Linux Command - Unix Command localhost foo.mydomain.org foo bar. mydomain.org bar master.debian.org master ...
Linux Command - xhost - About.com
Overview: Let's call the computer you are sitting at the "local host" and the computer you want to connect to the "remote host". You first use xhost to specify which ...
inet_addr - Linux Command - Unix Command
The inet_lnaof() function returns the local host address part of the Internet address in. The local host address is returned in local host byte order. The inet_netof() ...
How to Set Up a PHP/MySQL Site in Dreamweaver - Dynamic ...
This is different from the final location of your files - it is the URL of your desktop. http://localhost/ should work correctly - but be sure to test the URL befor you click  ...
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