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Angela Bradley

PHP / MySQL July 2009 Archive


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Does PHP Work with my Browser?

Thursday July 30, 2009
Whether you are designing your website, or choosing the right internet browser for your computer you might be asking yourself... Is PHP compatible with my browser? While compatibility is a ... Read More

Changing Column Size in MySQL

Wednesday July 22, 2009
Changing the size of a column in MySQL is pretty easy. By using alter table and modify you are able to choose a column on a specified table and ... Read More

Share Your Thoughts

Monday July 20, 2009
On the PHP website at About.com we often ask for your opinion on a topic. All of these questions, and opinions are kept in our Reader Response section. ... Read More

How to Change a Column Name in MySQL

Sunday July 12, 2009
If you have created a database and decide later that one of the column names you chose isn't exactly what you want, you can rename it. You do this ... Read More

Geometry Related Functions

Thursday July 9, 2009
We have covered a lot of geometry related functions in PHP. If you are looking for one place to find them all together, check out the new Geometry Functions ... Read More

Radians to Degrees

Thursday July 2, 2009
In PHP you can convert angles measured in radians to degrees using the Rad2Deg () PHP Function. Here is an example that shows that 1/2 PI radians is equal ... Read More

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