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PHP / MySQL September 2007 Archive


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Simple Game

Friday September 28, 2007
One of the most simple games you can write with PHP is a guess the number game. In this game a person must guess a number, and then the ... Read More

The Max () Function

Wednesday September 26, 2007
The max () function returns the highest number in a group or array. Any strings in the array are seen as having a value of 0, and in the case ... Read More

What are you doing in 31,536,000 seconds?

Monday September 24, 2007
What do you plan to be doing 31,536,000 seconds from now? Would it help if I told you that 31,536,000 seconds is exactly one year? In ... Read More

Plain White Screen?

Sunday September 23, 2007
You finished your PHP script, you upload it to your server, you navigate to it in your browser..... and nothing. Your staring at a blank white page. What ... Read More

PHP and Graphics

Wednesday September 19, 2007
You can do a lot of things with your graphics via PHP. You can rotate images, resize them, add text to them, use them as a layer in a ... Read More

Passing Variable in PHP5

Monday September 17, 2007
If you pass variables in the URL in PHP4, and then move your scripts to a server running PHP5, you may notice they no longer work. Things such as www.yoursite.com/script.php?color=red ... Read More


Thursday September 13, 2007
Did you know that you can interchange between PHP and HTML in the same document? As long as the PHP is contained within <?php and ?> tags, you can ... Read More

Adding and Subtracting Time

Wednesday September 12, 2007
The time () function generates a long string of numbers representing how many seconds have passed since January 1, 1970. It is possible to add and subtract time by ... Read More

Showing the Current Date

Monday September 10, 2007
Displaying the current date on your website is as simple as one line of code. It uses both the print and date functions to generate today's date on your ... Read More

Elgg for Social Networking

Friday September 7, 2007
Social Networking sites such as myspace and facebook help friends connect via profiles, blogs and communities. If you are looking to start you own social networking site you might ... Read More

Ready Made Scripts

Thursday September 6, 2007
Often a good place to start a script isn't from scratch, it's to look for an existing script and modify it. Just make sure the script is well written ... Read More

E-mail Forms

Monday September 3, 2007
If you have a website, you can use PHP to provide a simple fill in the blanks form for people to contact you. Not only is this convenient for ... Read More

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