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PHP / MySQL August 2006 Archive


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PHP Pregnancy Calculator

Wednesday August 30, 2006
Although knowing the exact day your baby will be born is no exact science, even for your doctor, coming up with an estimated due date is. The estimated due ... Read More

What is PHP?

Monday August 28, 2006
PHP is a scripting language that is often imbedded into HTML to add functions HTML alone can't do. PHP allows you to collect, process and utilize data to create a ... Read More

PHP Security?

Thursday August 24, 2006
If you are concerned about security you should check out the PHP Security Consortium. This site has several articles and other documents to help you learn more about programming ... Read More

PHP Variables

Monday August 21, 2006
One of the most basic skills used in PHP is assigning variables. It is a very easy process in PHP. A variable can be set to a ... Read More

Cookie Location?

Thursday August 17, 2006
One of the most common problems people have with cookies is putting them to late in their code. You can't send anything to the browser before the cookie if ... Read More

Downloading Scripts

Monday August 14, 2006
Downloading scripts other people have written is a great way to save time on a website. Several websites serve as directories of scripts to help you easily compare scripts ... Read More

Regular Expressions

Thursday August 10, 2006
Regular Expressions are used in PHP as well as other programing languages. Using regular expressions we can be very specific about our search parameters, however many people find them ... Read More

Creating a Message Board

Monday August 7, 2006
Although there are several well written message boards available in PHP, sometimes you just want to do it yourself! If that is the case, you might want to read ... Read More

The Mail () Function

Friday August 4, 2006
Sending an e-mail from PHP is a relatively simple process compared to some other languages. In fact, it's all taken care of in a single function: Mail (). ... Read More

What Is My IP?

Wednesday August 2, 2006
Have you ever visited a site like WhatIsMyIP.com and wondered how they did it? Well, it's actually something very simple, that you can do in one line and it ... Read More

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