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PHP / MySQL February 2006 Archive


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Storing Files in MySQL

Tuesday February 28, 2006
Storing files in a MySQL database has a number of uses. You can make the files searchable, allow your users to add files, control and count file downloads, or ... Read More

Making Contact

Monday February 27, 2006
It is important to give the people who visit your site an opportunity to contact you. This can provide you with valuable feedback on your site, as well as ... Read More

PHP is a Type of Server Side Scripting

Thursday February 23, 2006
Did you know that your browser never sees your PHP code? That is because it is all executed on your server before it is delivered to your web browser. ... Read More

What is PHP?

Monday February 20, 2006
While most people learning to make websites have probably heard the term PHP thrown around before, you may not actually know what PHP is. PHP is an easy to ... Read More

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